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Your ticket for HOAX Our Right to Hope will comprise of the following:

Photo from a performance of the show

1. Your chosen performance of the stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart

Rob is a young man struggling to find the right words. Helen is the woman who loves him. Hard and heartbreaking – fuelled by those most destructive of tendencies: love and self-sabotage.

Writer Ravi Thornton
Director Benji Reid
Composer Minute Taker

A Captain
Lyrics by Ravi Thornton
Music composed and performed here by Minute Taker

Close-up of a drawing of Rob

2. A copy of the graphic novel HOAX Psychosis Blues, which you will be given at the venue following the musical performance.

Haunted by the love he lost, Rob’s world becomes a series of struggles and extraordinary insights, as he moves between the facts, fictions and altered realities of his condition.

Writer Ravi Thornton
Illustrators Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Leonardo M. Giron, Julian Hanshaw, Rozi Hathaway, Rian Hughes, Rhiana Jade, Ian Jones, Mark Stafford, Bryan Talbot
Designer Wayne Marsden

A Load Lifted
Written by Rob
Read by Dylan Marsh

Collage of character avatars that appear in the app

3. Access to the free HOAX Our Right to Hope narrative app, via a unique entry code that you will receive with your event ticket.

Access to the free HOAX Our Right to Hope narrative app, via a unique entry code that you will receive with your event ticket.

Tracking his journey from a young man with endless potential, through his living with schizophrenia, to life – real and imagined – after his death, the HOAX Our Right To Hope app further expands Rob’s story.

As a participant you are invited to make choices that affect Rob’s journey, and also to take part in a groundbreaking study around mental health stigma.

Writer Ravi Thornton
Co-writer Laura Harper
Illustrator Andrew Chiu
Composer Minute Taker
Developer Cubus Games
Publisher Ziggy's Wish

The HOAX Project

The HOAX project is a trilogy of artworks, based on a poem titled the same, written in 2004 by a young Mancunian poet called Rob. The poem was one of many hundreds that he wrote whilst living with his ultimately fatal mental-health condition, schizophrenia.

Sometimes lucid, sometimes confused, Rob’s poems constitute a very honest portrayal of his varying state of mind, and what it was like for him to suffer the condition in those years.

Rob committed suicide in May 2008, aged 31 years.

In 2012 Rob’s sister, Ravi Thornton, began exploring her brother’s life through his poetry. Thus began the HOAX project.

In 2014 the award-winning stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart and graphic novel HOAX Psychosis Blues launched to sellout audiences at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

Following much acclaim from the health sector and the awarding of Strategic Touring funding from Arts Council England, these two pieces, joined by a unique narrative app, have now been further developed into the HOAX Our Right to Hope event: a groundbreaking experience that seeks to explore and understand stigma around mental health.

The HOAX Our Right to Hope tour will have an ongoing legacy that the arts sector, the health sector, and our communities can be proud of.

HOAX The Original Poem

My lonely heart is a hunter's trap, my lonely heart is a cage. My lonely heart is a harp I play, my lonely heart is a stage upon which I beg, and promise and plead with sincerity that would be beautiful, if only it were true. I am destitute, and my lonely heart is a lure. Pernicious. If you take my hand I will lead you astray. I would make you wound me just so I could bleed, Then for my suffering I would have you pay. My lonely heart knows many wise sayings, None of which I believe. I will tell you I was taught that love is freedom. In your arms I will forget my lessons. My lonely heart is impregnable, Nourished in the pleasure of your siege, Vaunted by your exhaustion. The words I wield are considered, lies to seduce you, truths to cause you harm. So if you are fool enough to love me, Don't pander to my games. Be hard when I am selfish, And cold when I implore. Allow me no hold or purchase, And if you think I love you, Break my heart just to be sure.

The show leaves you harrowed. The book brings you back to hope.

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The trilogy of artworks that make up the HOAX Our Right to Hope event, cleverly combine to take the story full circle.

As a participant, you are invited to interact with the app, experience the stage musical, interact with the app a second time, take home the graphic novel, and then interact with the app again.

And if you don’t want to do all of these things you don’t have to, because each of the three components (musical, graphic novel, app) works as a standalone artwork too.

You can experience the stage musical, and feel the full weight of its raw power.

And/or journey through the more reflective space of the graphic novel.

And/or explore the HOAX Our Right to Hope themes even more deeply, by becoming altruistically involved with the project, in order to help achieve actual, tangible, and measurable impact around mental health awareness.

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